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About Flash by Nash

If a picture's worth a thousand words, Flash Fiction's a story that flashes a picture into your head in a thousand words or less. Pow! Instant literary gratification for author and reader alike.

I started writing Flash Fiction in January of 2017 as a way to stretch my writing skills, explore theme/voice/genre, and tame the dragons of wordiness. As a bonus, it's tons of fun!

You're welcome to share Flash by Nash stories far and wide online, as long as: 

      1  You don't sell the stories in any form.

      2  You include the author's name (mine or guest author).

      3  You link back to this site.

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- Joy


About Joy Nash

Joy Nash is a USA TODAY Bestselling Author and RITA Award Finalist applauded by Booklist for her “tart wit, superbly crafted characters, and sexy, magic-steeped plots.”

When Joy was seven, she read a book about a girl who lived on the moon. She thought it was real until her big sister messed up the story with reality. Ever since, Joy’s been in love with fiction. She credits her love of tortured heroes to the Brontë sisters, her fascination with magical adventure to J.R.R. Tolkien, and her weakness for snarky humor to Douglas Adams.

Joy's best-loved works include the historical fantasy series Druids of Avalon, her contributions to the multi-author paranormal romance series Immortals, and her Jersey Shore romantic comedy A Little Light Magic. Her most recent novel, The Night Everything Fell Apart (The Nephilim, Book 1), received a Booklist starred review.

May the stories never end!

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