Nephilim Series: Brax

A short story set in the world of my paranormal series The Nephilim. Braxton Camulus wore a signet on the last finger of his right hand. It was a finely wrought wood mosaic, set with a chip of raw ruby. When the stone began to glow, he stared at it for a long moment, then…

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Nephilim Series: Morgana

A short story set in the world of my paranormal series The Nephilim. Morgana MacKerran sent the icy deluge squarely into Collum’s face. Her useless cousin bolted upright, sputtering. He shook his head and inhaled, she guessed, more water than air. Collum roared his displeasure, then ruined the effect with a fit of wheezy coughing.…

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Druids of Avalon Beyond the Books

AD 118 Tongues of flame licked the thatched roof. Sunlight flashed on a Legionary’s helmet. Soldiers advanced, swords drawn. So many. More than Owein could count. The attackers had hacked through the front line of Celts. As the youngest of the warriors with only sixteen years, Owein had been left in charge of the village.…

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Guest Flash Fiction Faith by Autumn Jordan

Watching Luke nibble candy cotton from Carrie’s lips caused Tonya’s heart to crack another crevice. She dropped the black lace she’d considered purchasing from a crafter and meandered through the Weston Octoberfest crowd, alone. All her friends were now married or engaged. She was the sad friend who hadn’t found her soulmate and tagged along…

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