Windchimes. So many people love them. So few know what they really are. The ringing stings. No matter how many times I get called to a gig, it takes a couple seconds for the crap feeling to pass. Eventually, I shake it off and look around. Big house. Suburban. Wealthy. But then, it usually is.…

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paranormal flash fiction ghosted

It started out innocently enough. What can I say? I was curious. Swipe, match, chat. Tap-tap-tap ding! You have a date with a beautiful woman. This method of finding a soulmate did not exist in my youth, but things are different now. If my life taught me anything, it is that you have to keep…

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I was living rough when I met her. Down on my luck, no place or person to call my own. How the hell had my life gotten so bad? Couldn’t tell you, exactly. Just a long, long string of bad luck. Could’ve happened to anyone. Could’ve happened to you. “You must be hungry,” she said.…

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Vampire: Immortals Series by Jennifer Ashley, Joy Nash, and Robin T. Popp

It’s not like I’m addicted. I could stop anytime. Right now, if I wanted. But why should I? Nothing compares. Nothing even comes close. Don’t believe me? Try it. I dare you. No? I don’t know why you’re so uptight about the club scene. Everyone was a newbie once. A little scared, a little repulsed.…

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The Nephilim Series: Cameron

A short story set in the world of my paranormal series The Nephilim. Cameron Redmond woke with a start, heart pounding. His body was soaked with sweat. He kicked off the clammy sheet and lay staring up at the ceiling. Beside him, Piers slept like the dead. Like he always did after sex. Cam turned…

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